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TPE #73: Best of The PPC Edge 2023 + Goals for 2024

Dec 18, 2023

Read time: 2 minutes

Hey all — 2023 is coming to an end…

So, in today’s issue of The PPC Edge, we want to reflect on an awesome year together.

Let’s look at some highlights, our goals and what to expect from us in 2024.

At the end, we’ll link to the most popular newsletters we’ve written this year :).


Looking back on a fantastic year.

We look back on a fantastic year together with you guys, here are some of our highlights:

  • We grew The PPC Edge from 3.500 to 14.700 subscribers (320% growth).
  • We launched the Google Ads Masterclass (1.300+ students)
  • We launched The PPC Hub (nearly 600 members).
  • We launched Conversion Tracking Mastery (700+ students).
  • We launched Performance Max Mastery v2 (2.400+ students).
  • We grew our free Discord community to 8.500 members.
  • We launched (and paused) The PPC Mastery Podcast.
  • We did 2 free trainings on conversion tracking and Q4 preparation.
  • We shared 50 issues of The PPC Edge (only missed 1 in January).
  • We added The Friday Roundup to our emails on Fridays.
  • We shared hundreds of posts on LinkedIn.


What. A. Year.

THANK YOU for being a part of it!!


Our goals for 2024 (and how we will continue to serve you).

We want to make 2024 even better than 2023 — so get ready for a ton of value from us.


Here’s what we want to do in 2024:

  • 10X the value of The PPC Hub.
  • Launch new courses.
  • Do more live events.
  • Do more free trainings.
  • Diversify platforms (X, Podcast, YouTube).
  • Send 52 issues of The PPC Edge and The Friday Roundup.

We don’t set monetary/income goals. All of our goals are action-oriented, because our actions are the only things we can control. If we continue to show up and provide value every single day, the outcome will be positive. So when you set your own goals, focus on actions — not results.


Goal highlight 1: 10X the value of The PPC Hub

The PPC Hub is already insanely valuable, but we want to 10X the value so it becomes a no-brainer to join.

We’ll do this by adding new courses and resources.

But we’ll also do more events to stimulate the community feeling.

The PPC Hub is the best way we can serve you all-year-round, so 10X-ing the value is our top priority for 2024.


Goal highlight 2: Do more live events

Even though I’m naturally an introvert, I love hosting live events. In 2023, we had 3 PPC Mastery events. In 2024, we want to do one per quarter.



There’s something magical about being in a room with 50-100 like-minded people who all love PPC as much as you do.

Maybe we’ll even do a conference one day? Who knows…


Goal highlight 3: Do more free trainings

In 2023, we did 2 free webinars. The vibe is always great, and we want to do more of these in 2024. We have some surprises for you, so stay tuned!


The most popular newsletters of 2023.

Let’s close off with our most popular newsletter issues of 2023:

For an overview of all issues, check out this link.


Once again, THANK YOU!

Final note: once again: thank you for a fantastic year and for being an awesome subscriber of The PPC Edge.

We hope it brought you value, improved results, and most importantly, helped you become a better Google Ads Specialist.

2023 was a fantastic year, but 2024 is going to be even sicker.

Oh by the way, Christmas is next week so no PPC Edge — we’ll be back on January 1st!

Let’s get it — see you soon!


Bob & Miles


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