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Competition is boring. Let's unite the PPC community and grow together!


Hi, we're Miles & Bob and we're tired of 'competing' against other PPC specialists or agencies. We've created PPC Mastery Discord to bring the PPC community together so we can all learn from each other. This is THE place to learn about Google Ads while having a good time doing it!

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First of all... It's free!

But that's not all:

Frequent Q&A sessions

Feeling stuck? Ask questions and get expert answers from us and community members.

We host frequent Q&As sessions to dive deep into your questions and specific Google Ads topics

Learn from each other

With thousands of members, there is always someone online to help you with your questions. In fact, we learn a lot from everyone's questions and answers too.

And many more benefits like:


... Exclusive community discounts on tools (like TrueClicks, Adalysis, Lunio, ProductHero and many more).

... Instant access to community resources (YouTube kids channels exclusions list, payment provider exclusions for GA and more)

... Stay up to date with our weekly news update (provided by community members)

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  • Hang out with fellow PPCers
  • Ask questions to us & members
  • Get expert answers to your questions
  • Exclusive trainings for & by community members
  • Access to community resources & discounts
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"The best PPC community to fast-track your learning and also give and receive other specialists' help. If you call yourself a PPC specialist, you have to be in this community!"

- Martijn Hoekstra (Search Lead @ ODIV)

A message from the founders:

Bob Meijer & Miles McNair

Combined, we have over 10 years of PPC experience, worked for more than 200 ecom and lead gen clients and profitably spent over €100M on Google Ads. 

We've joined forces to provide insane value to the PPC community and help ambitious companies and marketers make the most out of Google. 

Unlike agency owners or 'gurus', we actually manage Google Ads campaigns every single day. Everything we teach is based on real, practical experience.

With PPC Mastery Discord, we're uniting the PPC community and inspiring Google Ads Specialists to be collaborative instead of competitive.

We can't wait to welcome you inside our community of like-minded PPC nerds :).

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