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TPE #41: 8 high-impact Google Ads scripts (more control, insights, conversions)

May 08, 2023

Read time: 5 minutes

Happy Monday and welcome back to The PPC Edge!

In today’s issue, we’ll share our favorite Google Ads scripts: little pieces of JavaScript code that you can apply in your account to automate tasks (such as bidding, reporting, campaign creation, ad copy optimizations and more).

If you used scripts back in the day, you had a huge edge. But with automation, most of them have become obsolete.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of scripts out there.

If we shared them all, you would quickly get overwhelmed.

Instead, we’ll share a list of scripts we actually use in our accounts.

Let’s dive in!


8 high-impact Google Ads scripts

These are the scripts we still use on a daily/weekly/monthly basis in our accounts. It’s by no means a complete list, but we can personally vouch for them:

  • Mike Rhodes spend allocation script
  • Flowboost Labelizer
  • Change history alert
  • Quality score tracker
  • 0 impressions script
  • Anomaly script
  • Link checker
  • N-gram script


All scripts listed are account-level scripts, but with a little bit of magic (ChatGPT), you can upgrade single account scripts to MCC-level scripts.

You don’t have to use all of these scripts at once. Scroll through and check which ones are useful to you today — and implement right away.


Mike Rhodes spend allocation script

This has to be the best script of the year: Mike Rhodes’ spend allocation script.

The benefit: unlock new Performance Max insights: see where your budget was spent across Shopping, Video, Display and Search networks.

How to get it: download the script here.

If you need more context on how to use this script, check out issue #29 of The PPC Edge.


Flowboost Labelizer script

This is another excellent Performance Max script, created by Floris de Schrijver and Arjan Schoorl (our valued members of The PPC Hub and co-owners of Flowboost).

The benefit: analyze product performance and create performance-based labels for campaign segmentation.



How to get it: you can download the script here.

We wrote a complete guide on how to use this script in issue #39 of The PPC Edge. Grab it here if you want to go deeper.


Change history alert

If you’re worried about people making changes in your accounts, then this script by Google Ads scripts legend Nils Rooijmans is for you.

Maybe you’re working with a stubborn business owner, that wants to get his hands dirty in your accounts…

Or maybe you have Automatic Ad Recommendations that make changes without you knowing it…

Then use this script for peace of mind.


The benefit: get an email when unauthorized people (or AARs) make changes in your account.

How to get it: download it here on Nils’ Rooijmans personal website.


Quality Score tracker

This is a simple, yet powerful script for reporting purposes.

The benefit: compare your Quality Score within a specific timeframe.



And see how your weighted Quality Score progresses over time.



How to get it: download it here.


0 impressions script

This is a great script if you have a lot of accounts and campaigns and don’t have time to manually check them all every single day.

The benefit: get alerted when a campaign gets 0 impressions.

How to get it: download it here.


Anomaly script

Another great script if you have a lot of accounts and campaigns and don’t have time to manually check them all every single day.

The benefit: get alerted when a campaign shows unusual performance (adjusted for volatility and also works with Video campaigns now).

How to get it: download it here.


Link Checker

The Link Checker script is a must-have in every account (or even MCC). It provides you with peace of mind, because you get an email when a page stops working. This can help you save a LOT of wasted ad spend.

The benefit: get alerted when an URL is no longer working (due to 404s etc.).

How to get it: download it here.


N-gram script

This script was originally created by Brainlabs and optimized by Nils Rooijmans, who perfectly explains what n-grams are:

“An n-gram is a phrase made of n words: a 1-gram is a single word, a 2-gram is a phrase made of two words, and so on. For example, “this four word phrase” contains three 2-grams (“this four,” “four word,” “word phrase”) and two 3-grams (“this four-word” and “four word phrase”).”


The benefit: add up clicks, impressions, costs, conversions of each query containing specific n-grams. You can use this data to add new keywords, negatives, ad groups etc.



How to get it: download it here.


Extra resources for hundreds of other scripts

As we said, we don’t want to overwhelm you with every script out there. But if you do want to go down the rabbit hole of scripts, use these resources:


And if you have no idea how to implement scripts, check out this useful resource from Nils Rooijmans (he’s the GOAT of Google Ads scripts for a reason).


A final note: implement a script now

We’ve given you a nice list of scripts to try out — so our final note to you: pick ONE that is relevant and useful to you, and implement it right away.

Remember: knowledge without implementation is useless.

A special thanks to PPC Hub members Arjan Schoorl, Przemyslaw Kolsut, Mindaugas Kalnius and Evjatar Werker for sharing their best scripts with me.

That’s all for today — we’ll see you next week!


Bob & Miles

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