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TPE #52: Best of The PPC Edge

Jul 24, 2023

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Hey, Bob & Miles here!

We noticed the PPC Edge had its first year anniversary a few weeks ago.

Miles published the first issue on LinkedIn on June 27th, 2022 (about Performance Max, of course).

That was before PPC Mastery was even a thing. Heck, our Discord community didn’t even exist yet!

And now we’re at 11.000+ subscribers and 6.500+ members in our free Discord community.

Insane, right?!

Nothing would’ve been possible without you — so thank you!

Since many of you are taking a break this Summer, we’ll keep today’s issue relatively short.

In this issue of The PPC Edge, we’ll celebrate our 1-year anniversary by listing our most popular issues as well as a few other free resources to help you learn something new over the Summer.

Enjoy, and speak soon!


The most popular PPC Edge Newsletters to date

These are the most popular issues of the first year (in random order). The titles are clickable:


TPE #50: Measurement Maturity Model (tracking best practices)

This is probably our best and most value-packed newsletter to date. It will help you get clarity on advanced conversion tracking best practices, through the lens of the Measurement Maturity Models we’ve created for Ecom, Lead Gen & SaaS accounts.


TPE #51: How I got my first client (freelance)

Many of you seemed to have really enjoyed this newsletter, where Miles shared the personal story of how we got his first freelance client while still working at a full-time agency job. Hopefully this will inspire you to be creative in landing your (first) client.


TPE #47: 12 new pMax updates

This one speaks for itself: 12 new pMax updates that are coming soon (most of these have been rolled out by now).


TPE #46: advanced pMax campaign structure (high impact)

In this issue, we talk about an advanced pMax campaign structure we call ‘Performance-Based Bucketing’. Structure your campaigns according to historical product performance and see how your results improve!


TPE #45: the ultimate guide to Automatically Applied Recommendations

Miles had a bit too much fun creating this newsletter. It contains solid information, but also more than 10 GIFs. This was so much fun to create, haha.


TPE #41: 8 high-impact Google Ads scripts (more control, insights, conversions)

An overview of our 8 favorite scripts, with links to download them. This includes deeplinks to extra instructions for Mike Rhodes’ pMax spend allocation script, and Floboost’s Labelizer script for product performance insights and segmentation.


TPE #38: why and how to track profit in Google Ads

The title speaks for itself: use this issue to learn how to track profit in Google Ads.


TPE #36: 7 tips to prevent burnout in PPC

We love tactical Google Ads tips, but sometimes it’s important to take step back and reflect on mental health. Miles wrote this newsletter to help you prevent burnout and unnecessary stress while working in PPC.


TPE #34: how to audit Google Ads accounts (updated)

We love auditing new Google Ads accounts. In this issue, we show you exactly how we do that, the mistakes PPCers make while doing audits, and how to fix them.


TPE #24: how we ethically stole €63.579,92 of revenue from competitors

This issue was super popular too: we showed how we hijacked competitor audiences between Black Friday and Christmas, and how you can too.


TPE #22: reduce wasted ad spend with portfolio bid strategies

Google can overspend like crazy. The way to combat that: portfolio bid strategies. This issue is a must-read!


TPE #14: fix untrustworthy pMax data with Branded Standard Shopping

You probably know by now that pMax loves to take credit for branded conversions. If you exclude brand, you are no longer visible on the Shopping network when people search for your brand. The solution: Branded Standard Shopping. Find out how that works.


What’s next for The PPC Edge?

We’ll continue to provide weekly value to you with The PPC Edge. We’re even thinking of creating a low-key Friday issue as well, with a quick tip/something we learned that week.

We have so many cool ideas and value we want to share with you…

More on that later!

For now: thanks for an amazing first year. We would’ve never thought we’d build an army of 11.000+ subscribers — thank you for always showing up and supporting us!

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And as always, we’ll see you again next week! :)


Bob & Miles

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