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TPE #81: unlock pMax insights (updated script)

Feb 19, 2024

Hey friends, Miles here!

In this issue of The PPC Edge, I want to talk about the updated pMax insights script by industry legend Mike Rhodes.

I don’t think anyone built a better tool to work with the pMax black box than Mike.

The script I’m about to share with you has been fully updated and is an absolute must-have for every Google Ads account.

You can find the link to get the script at the bottom of this newsletter.

Let’s dive in!


What started as a Spend Allocation Script is now so much more!

When we shared this script last year, its sole purpose was to show you the Performance Max spend allocation between different channels (Shopping, Search, Display, Video, Other).

This is what the output looked like for v20:



It was truly groundbreaking, giving us valuable insights that Google won’t share.

Since then, the script has evolved and now contains much more than only the spend allocation.

As we speak, v52 just got launched and contains epic insights:

  1. Spend allocation & performance per channel.
  2. Search category insights.
  3. Asset group insights.

… And more!

All of the data is available per campaign, account, or even an entire MCC…

Making it a truly fantastic script that I can’t live without.

Let’s look at each of these insights.


1: Spend allocation & performance per channel.

This is the main use case I have for this script: to see the performance data Google won’t give me.

Here’s an example of a feed-only pMax campaign that spends around 95% of the budget on Shopping, and the other 5% on Search.



And another example of a full-on pMax campaign with all assets that spends around 80% on Shopping, 10% on Search, 7% on Display, and 3% on Video.



Here’s how you can use this data:

  • In one overview, see where Google spent your pMax campaign budget.
  • Create an action plan based on the insights Google won’t give you.
  • Quickly identify trends (are you spending where you want to?).
  • Check if pMax cannibalizes on your Search campaigns.
  • Check if you should optimize your (video) assets.

These insights alone make the script a no-brainer for every account (because Google doesn’t share this data).

But there are a few other features that are very nice as well — let’s zoom in.


2: Search category insights.

You can also see the performance of the top search categories in your pMax campaigns.

A very nice addition to the script!



3: Asset group insights.

And you can also see the performance for individual asset groups (which makes it so much easier to optimize your asset groups):



Set up the script in your accounts to take back insights and control

This script should be a no-brainer for every account with Performance Max campaigns.

This is my advice for you:

  • Set up the script in your accounts.
  • Analyze the data at least once per week.
  • Quickly take action based on the insights.


Both account and MCC-level scripts are available, you can find them here:


With a one-time payment, you get lifetime access to all the future updates (and Mike updates them regularly).

Full transparency: yes, we shared affiliate links. But we only do that for tools we believe in and use ourselves.

Mike Rhodes is doing a fantastic job with this script, and I truly think every account can benefit from it.

That’s it for today. Thanks for being an awesome reader of The PPC Edge.

Have a great week!


Miles (& Bob)

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