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TPE #80: how to Increase AOV by 13% (without increasing ad spend)

Feb 12, 2024

Read time: 3 minutes

Hey, it’s Miles here. Welcome back to The PPC Edge!

(This is issue #80 — CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!)

Today, I want to talk about a simple upsell strategy that increased our revenue per order by 13%.

I’m sharing this because you can easily set it up for your own clients to increase revenue WITHOUT increasing ad spend.

Isn’t that what we’re all after: more revenue and profit, less ad spend?

The implementation takes less than 5 minutes and might be the difference between having profitable or unprofitable ads.

Now, I understand that this is not a “die-hard Google Ads strategy”.

However, you can really take your added value and results to the next level if you help your clients create irresistible offers!

Let’s dive right in!


This simple upsell strategy increased our revenue per order by 13%.

What I’m about to share, is a super simple, straightforward, easy-to-set-up upsell strategy that increased our revenue per order by 13%…

We haven’t even fully grasped the power of this strategy yet…

When done right it’s not uncommon to see a +/- 30% increased revenue per order!

I urge you to try it out for your own clients.

Just imagine what happens to your Google Ads results when you increase your AOV (Average Order Value) by 10-30%…

You could easily scale harder, or simply rack in more profit.

How would that make you look?!

I believe this strategy was first coined by Russell Brunson as ‘The Order Form Bump’, so I’ll call it that.

Anyways, let’s look at how it works.


On the checkout/product page, offer something that’s a great addition to the main offer.

People often overcomplicate “upsells”.

All you need to do: make an irresistible offer that’s a great addition to the main offer.

Here are some examples from our own products, and then I’ll show you other examples to get your creative juices flowing.


Example 1: One-time offer: Feed Audit Template (50% off).

We sell our Google Ads Audit Templates for €199 (the exact templates we use to audit Google Ads accounts with hundreds of big and small checks, designed to help you eliminate wasted ad spend and find growth opportunities fast).

We wanted to test the Order Form Bump strategy, so we created a product that’s a perfect addition to the Google Ads Audit Templates: our Feed Audit Template.

We don’t sell this product separately, and the only way to get it is through our Order Form Bump.

Here’s what it looks like on our checkout page:



You can see the small box with the one-time offer: “add Feed Audit Template (50% off)”.

Here are the stats for this simple offer:

  • +52% conversion rate.
  • +13% uplift of AOV.
  • +€8.853 in extra revenue.

The conversion rate is super high because it’s the perfect addition to the main offer.

The logical thinking here is: if you grab our Google Ads Audit Templates, you might as well grab the Feed Audit Template!


Example 2: One-time offer: add Audit Templates (save €100).

After we saw the impact of the Order Form Bump on the AOV of our Google Ads Audit Templates, we decided to test with different products.

We are now testing what happens when we add the Google Ads Audit Templates as a one-time offer to our Conversion Tracking Mastery and Performance Max Mastery courses.

The offer: when someone enrolls in CTM or PMM, they can grab the Audit Templates for only €99 (saving them €100):



These are the stats so far (pretty good):

  • +16% conversion rate.
  • +8% uplift of AOV.
  • +€17.919 in extra revenue.

It’s the perfect win-win: we get extra revenue without a lot of extra effort, and our students get an additional product for a super fair price.


Example 3: Ekster offers the perfect add-on.

Here’s another example of how you can use this strategy outside of the “info products” industry we’re in.

Ekster sells smart wallets that you can track with a Tracker Card.

They sell the Tracker Card separately, and offer it as an upsell on the product page.

Here’s what it looks like on their landing page:



This is the perfect offer in their case because with a Tracker Card, you will never lose your wallet again.

I can’t say much about the conversion rate of this offer, but it’s really good.

That way, the Average Order Value is higher than the price of the product…

And that’s the game you should be playing as a Google Ads Specialist:

Ask yourself “how can I increase revenue WITHOUT increasing ad spend?”

These little “Order Form Bumps” are super simple, yet so, so, so effective.


Example 4: Stoov offers a big battery.

The last example is from Stoov: they sell heated pillows and blankets.

On the product page, you can select the type of battery you want.

For only €25, you can get a “Big Battery”, which lasts significantly longer than the “Standard Battery”:



I don’t know the conversion rates on the Big Battery.

But let’s assume it’s somewhere around 20%.

That would mean an AOV uplift of 6%.

And while it may not sound like a lot, it can be the difference between having profitable ads or not.

Again: you should be thinking about how to increase revenue WITHOUT increasing ad spend, and this is a great way to do that.


Common mistakes to avoid with Order Form Bumps.

Even though Order Form Bumps are easy to set up, they are also easy to mess up.

Here are 3 common mistakes to avoid when setting up Order Form Bumps:


1: Making irrelevant offers.

Don’t offer a roll of toilet paper with a smart wallet πŸ˜‚.

The higher the relevancy of the products, the higher the conversion rate.


2: Not using urgency and scarcity.

As you can see in the examples of our own products, we use both urgency and scarcity to urge people to buy the one-time offer.

We do this by making the offer only available on this page (which is true, it’s not fake scarcity).

To further boost the urgency, we give 50% off the regular price (which is also only available on this page).



When you create your own Order Form Bumps, think about how you can get your customers to act fast, because the offer is ONLY available on that page.

You can do that with a special discount or an extra bonus.

Be creative!


3: Not experimenting with different offers.

The last mistake I want to share is not experimenting with different offers.

As you can see from our examples, we’ve tested a few different offers.

But… We’re not perfect either.

We should experiment with more Order Form Bumps offers…

We haven’t tested anything yet on the checkout pages of our Google Ads Masterclass and The PPC Hub.

That leaves us with a lot of room to grow! :)


Over to you: start experimenting with Order Form Bumps!

Again: as a Google Ads Specialist, you should constantly be thinking about how you can increase revenue and profit WITHOUT increasing ad spend.

How you think about your upsell strategy plays a huge role.

So start experimenting with Order Form Bumps and make special one-time offers on your checkout/product pages.

And before you complain to me that this isn’t your job…

It may not be your responsibility to create irresistible offers…

But it is your responsibility to CHALLENGE your clients when they don’t have any.

Because when you do, this is what happens:

  • Your revenue per order increases (without increasing ad spend).
  • Your clients are happier with you so they stay with you longer.
  • Your job is more fun because your results are great.


So go ahead, start experimenting…

And watch how your results go to the moon!

That’s all for today.

Thanks for reading, and see you next week.


Miles (& Bob)


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