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TPE #64: 70+ custom columns to improve workflow

Oct 16, 2023

Read time: 3 minutes

Welcome back to The PPC Edge!

Together with Denie Geertzen and Arjan Schoorl (both are members of The PPC Hub), we have co-created a library of 70+ custom columns to improve your workflow in Google Ads.

Here’s what we’ll discuss today:

  • Why custom columns are amazing.
  • Examples of valuable custom columns.
  • The link to the database of 70+ custom columns.

And a special thanks to Arjan Schoorl, Denie Geertzen, Marcel Klomp, Koos Hoeijmakers & Dave Alexander for contributing to this library. Be sure to follow them!

Let’s dive in!


Why custom columns are amazing.

Within Google Ads, you can add most of the basic data and metrics (costs, CTR, conversions etc.) to your column set.

But sometimes, the basics are not enough. You can enhance the data and metrics in your accounts with custom columns.

Before we look at some examples. here’s a quick refresher on how to set them up:


Step 1: go to campaigns/ad groups and click “columns”



Step 2: scroll down until you see “Custom columns” and click “+ Custom column”



Step 3: create a new custom column



Pro tips:

  • Click “< / > Text” to save time by copy-pasting the formulas from the Custom Column Library.
  • Add the right data format (currency, percent, number etc.)
  • Add as many as you need, but don’t overdo it.

And then, magically, you unlock extremely valuable new insights.

Let’s look at some examples.


Example 1: Easily compare the ROAS of the last 7 days vs. last 30 days:



Example 2: See real business results like Gross Profit, Closed Deals, and Lead > Closed Deal ratio:



There’s so much more data that you can unlock with custom columns, like:

  • Budget run rates
  • Mobile traffic share
  • Mobile vs. desktop ROAS
  • Lead to Qualified Lead ratio
  • Cost per micro conversions
  • Conversions per impressions
  • Soft to Hard conversion rates
  • Expected monthly revenue or profit
  • Expected monthly spend vs. actual spend

The possibilities are endless.


Link to the Custom Columns Library.

You can easily implement 70+ custom columns via the Custom Columns Library.

Once again, thanks to Denie Geertzen and Arjan Schoorl (and Marcel Klomp, Koos Hoeijmakers & Dave Alexander for building and contributing to this library. Be sure to follow them!

Access it here for free on


At the time of writing, we’re actually at 70+ custom columns so we need to update the banner, haha.


We hope this is a valuable resource for you to unlock new insights that will help you improve your data, save time, and optimize better.

And if you have any custom columns to add to the library, send a DM to Denie or Arjan (we’ll make sure to shout you out).

That’s all for today — see you next week!


Bob & Miles


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