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TPE #27: 25 Google Ads tips for ecom (DTC)

Jan 30, 2023

Read time: 3 minutes

Welcome back to the PPC Edge!

We provide you with weekly actionable tips to scale your Google Ads campaigns to the next level. In this issue, we want to change the pace a bit. Instead of diving deep into one topic, Miles will share 25 random Google Ads tips for ecom (DTC) brands.

These tips are created to be inspirational and thought-provoking. Some best practices, but also ponderings.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

25 profitable pieces of Google Ads advice for ecom (DTC) brands (from a €50M+ PPC nerd)

Tip 1: Campaign structure is arguably the most important aspect of your account. Spend most of your time strategizing what’s best for your case

Tip 2: There is no one-size fits all strategy. Use your brain to figure our what’s best for your individual case

Tip 3: Google isn’t as evil as people think. Sure, they want to make more money, but if advertisers don’t profit, they won’t either. You win big if you understand how to create win-win situations for Google AND your client

Tip 4: Less control doesn’t always mean less performance

Tip 5: Try every new feature. If it doesn’t work, try again in 3-6 months

Tip 6: Optimizing product feeds is underrated. Boost your pMax/Shopping performance by enriching your feed with as much data as possible

Tip 7: Feed the machine with high quality data and you will win big (first-party data in audience signals, profit tracking etc.)

Tip 8: Don’t invest in expensive video productions until you’ve tested a few angles on a low budget

Tip 9: Don’t rely on Performance Max to do remarketing for you. Create dedicated remarketing campaigns on Display, YouTube, and Discovery

Tip 10: Track conversions with the Google Ads tag, NOT Google Analytics imports

Tip 11: YouTube Ads are extremely powerful to fill your funnel with high-intent buyers

Tip 12: For video ads: focus 90% of your time and effort on your hook. Bad hook = everyone skips = bad performance

Tip 13: Focus on what you’re good at and what type of customers you want to serve

Tip 14: Expanding to other markets can drive a lot of additional revenue, with very little extra effort (copy account structure, ads etc.)

Tip 15: Exclude all converters from your remarketing campaigns so you don’t waste money on people who’ve already bought

Tip 16: Get clear on your goals and KPIs (revenue, profit, leads, new customers, email signups etc.)

Tip 17: Google Ads conversion value does NOT equal revenue. However, you should still try your best to maximize conversion value

Tip 18: Using automation? Don’t make too many changes, too often. The system is easily shocked

Tip 19: Google Shopping is your cash cow, maximize its potential by optimizing your feed

Tip 20: Use portfolio bid strategies with max CPC limits to prevent Google from overspending 10-20X

Tip 21: Before you do anything, research your competitors

Tip 22: What happens after the click is arguably more important than what happens before the click

Tip 23: If you’re big and scaling on multiple channels, you need a third-party attribution tool like Northbeam or TripleWhale

Tip 24: Words matter. Use persuasive copywriting on your landing page to turn visitors into converters

Tip 25: Exclude your brand name from Performance Max campaigns (in 90% of cases)

Concluding thoughts

So that’s it - 25 profitable Google Ads tips for ecom (DTC) brands. In no way is this a complete list, but we’re sure there’s something in there for you that can drive extra performance.

Did you like this type of quick-fire content? We like to try new things on top of the in-depth, actionable tips we give each week.

See you again next week!


Bob & Miles

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