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TPE #67: 3 Irresistible Black Friday Offers to maximize profit

Nov 06, 2023

Read time: 4 minutes

Hey, Bob & Miles here with The PPC Edge.

Let’s cut right to the chase: Black Friday is coming up.

If you haven’t started to prepare… Now is the time.

For us PPCers, the key to great results lies outside of Google Ads:


It’s all about your irresistible offer.


You can have the best campaign structure, ads, or bid strategy…

But it’s all irrelevant if you have a bad offer.

As a Google Ads Specialist, we understand it’s not your responsibility to create offers.

Your client needs to do that.

But… It is your responsibility to challenge your client if you feel they don’t have an irresistible offer.

In today’s issue of The PPC Edge, we’ll share 3 examples of irresistible offers, so you can crush it this year.

And we’ll also go behind the scenes on how we approach this at PPC Mastery.

Let’s dive in!


“Make offers so good, people feel stupid saying no.” — Alex Hormozi

This is one of our all-time favorite quotes from Alex Hormozi, and it’s super relevant for Black Friday.

You need an irresistible offer — consumers expect it.

Don’t just give 5-10% off.

Make crazy good offers.

Something you have never done before.

Give people the best deal ever.

Make it so good, they would feel stupid if they said no.


3 irresistible offers to maximize profit on Black Friday.

Today, we’ll cover 3 irresistible offers you can create to maximize profit on Black Friday:

  1. Big discounts.
  2. Buy more, get more.
  3. Limited edition bundles.

Let’s dive into each irresistible offer.


Irresistible offer 1: big discounts.

Big discounts are the easiest way to drive sales.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Give big discounts, don't hold back.
  2. Don’t undermine your profitability.
  3. Use discounts strategically.


1.1: Give big discounts, don’t hold back.

Again: consumers expect high discounts on Black Friday — so give it to them.

Don’t give 5-10% discounts, but give big discounts in the 40-60% range if you can.

Here’s an example of how Loavies promotes their Black Friday sale: up to 70% off.

Instant eye-catcher, and a reason for their customers to dive into the items that are on sale.



1.2: Don’t undermine your profitability.

The worst thing that can happen: new revenue records, but no profit.

Always calculate your profit margins, and don’t go below unless you have a good upsell strategy.


1.3: Use discounts strategically.

People rarely buy just one thing on Black Friday. Use your discounts strategically to:

  • Attract new customers, then upsell them.
  • Clear overstock (give 60-70% off on items you need to get rid of).
  • Give sitewide discounts, or offer discounts on specific products/categories.


Bonus: give Early Bird discounts.

Black Friday is mega competitive: everyone will be fighting for the attention of your customers.

If you want to capitalize early, consider giving early bird discounts.

The best way to do that:

  1. Give exclusive early bird discounts to your best customers.
  2. Build up a waitlist and give them early access.


Here’s how we do that at PPC Mastery:

  • We created a landing page where people can sign up for the VIP List.
  • Everyone on the VIP List will get early access to our offers.

Feel free to check out the landing page here and join the VIP List to get notified when our early bird offers launch!



And here’s an example of how Ekster is leveraging the same strategy:



Challenge your clients and stimulate them to build up a VIP List so you can reward loyal customers with special deals!


Irresistible offer 2: buy more, get more.

Let’s take it a step further. People are ready to spend money on Black Friday, so give them good reasons to spend more with you.

You do that through the “Buy More, Get More” mechanic.

Here’s how Kosas does it: as you spend more, the discounts go up.



It can truly be as simple as that.


Irresistible offer 3: (limited edition) bundles.

You don’t want to focus on one-off purchases only. Instead, create special bundles to increase your AOV.

Here’s an example of how Ekster creates bundles to stimulate customers to spend more:



Make sure the value of the bundle is much higher than what you’re charging for it, so it’s a no-brainer for people to buy/upgrade to your bundle instead of just buying 1 product.

You can take it one step further by giving away a free gift with every purchase:


Make sure the perceived value of the gift is much higher than the price of the original products, to make it a no-brainer for your customers to buy it.


Conclusion: create irresistible offers.

The best PPC Experts look beyond just Google Ads and are involved with their clients on a business level.

If you’re managing Google Ads campaigns, do this now:

  • Challenge your client/team to create irresistible offers.
  • Analyze how they can make their offers better.


Take matters into your own hands.

The better your client’s offer, the better your results.

Ultimately, that will make you look good as a Google Ads Specialist.

Create irresistible offers, and see how your results will skyrocket this Black Friday.

All the best — we hope you’ll crush it!

We’ll speak later.


Bob & Miles

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